The Ultimate Swipe File of Words that Convert for Service Providers

The Ultimate Swipe File of Words that Convert for Service Providers

If you’ve ever wondered what to say when you’re trying to market your services, courses, memberships or digital products you’re not alone....

Get more clients with Words that Convert!

Not writing good copy is costing you money.

You need clients and no matter how many times you post on social media or how many emails you send, nobody's listening and nobody's buying.

You just want consistent leads and clients because the "feast-or-famine cycle" is all too real, as many of us service providers know.

You look at everyone else and they seem to have clients lined up, with a waitlist a mile long... but you don't want to come across as just another sleazy marketer.

The first thing you gotta do before you start marketing your business is to truly know and understand your audience so you can speak their language.

But there's another language you need too...

...the language of sales.

Without sounding scammy, you can mix these two languages and as a result, get more leads, clients, and sales.

Good marketing copy doesn't have to feel weird or inauthentic.

Inviting your audience to take your offers and services doesn't mean trying to force folks to buy something they don't want or need.

When used correctly, good copywriting is a tool for serving your community and providing them with value.

The good news is...

You don't need to sacrifice your integrity with the latest marketing tricks or hide your personality in a boring box..

When you're armed with Words that Convert you get the attention of your audience during sales conversations. Be it on the phone, on your social media platforms, in sales letters... doesn't matter, they'll work.

And you won't feel dirty like you need a shower after using them.

And the best part is...

You don't have to be a copywriting expert or marketing master to infuse your marketing with words that convert.

It doesn't matter if you're writing emails, sales pages or social media posts and ads...

 With the Ultimate Swipe File of Words that Convert You Can Write Compelling Copy that Attracts, Engages and Converts Your Best Clients

The Ultimate Swipe File (PDF Download) Is Jam-Packed with:

Pre-Headlines for Landing Pages, Emails & More

The pre-headline is the straight to the point sentence that comes before the main headline on your landing page. It gives you the ability to go more in-depth with your subject line without compromising its length. Use these examples for your own landing pages, sales pages, emails and more. (Ex: Are you paying high dollar for __________ with little results?)

Conversion-Focused Headlines

Headlines are the most important copywriting element. Use these headline examples as inspiration so you can grab your reader's attention in your sales copy. You have less than 8 seconds to get readers hooked! (Ex: __________Little Known Ways to _________)

Power Words & Phrases

The right word or phrase can help persuade your audience and motivate action. However, contrary to what some people say, every “emotion-provoking” word isn’t an effective power word or phrase. Use this list of 465 power words and phrases in your copy to help effectively lead your readers to take action. (Examples: #1 ________ recommended, all-star lineup, at last, ironclad)

Transition Phrases

If you want your target audience to read to the end of your content, develop the art of adding transition phrases to encourage readers to continue along the page. Use this list of 170 transition phrases to keep your audience reading. (Ex: Let me break this down for you…)

Benefits List & Bullets

Potential clients really want to know how your service will benefit them and why they should buy. Listing the benefits gives clients a reason to buy. Use these examples of features and benefits to help you come up with your list. (Ex: ____ done for you (feature) = Save time, less work, more free time ( benefit))

Motivating Phrases

When writing copy, stop and consider what emotions or circumstances would prompt your reader to take action. These motivating phrases will help move readers to buy or follow through with whatever action you are asking them to take... which is your ultimate goal, right? (Ex: For the next 72 hours only)

Price "Validations"

One of the most challenging things about selling services is determining what price to charge. Use this list to help you "validate" your prices with potential clients and remind readers how much their problem is costing them. (Ex: It’s a complete, done-for-you service. There’s no need to buy anything else.)

Calls to Action

Effective calls to action include specific words and phrases that grab attention, evoke a strong emotion, create a sense of urgency, move readers to action, build trust, empower or inspire the reader, etc. Use these swipes as-is or customize them to clearly state the action you want clients to take. (Ex: Accept my exclusive invitation to _______.)

Closings and Sign-offs

Closings and sign-offs can help you build trust and confidence with your readers, so you’ll want to leave them with something memorable. Use this list of closing sentences to help you connect and nurture your audience. (Ex: We’re here to help. The next step is all up to you.)


Studies show that, after your headline or subject line, the P.S. is the most-read part of your content. It contains your last persuasive offer to get clients to buy or act on your suggestion. Use these P.S. swipes to get you started and inspire variations that work best for your audience. (Ex: P.S. If you’re tired of ___, you have the power to ____ by clicking here.)

Is This Right for You?

Only if...

  • You're a service provider who wants to use digital marketing to attract more of your best clients and you believe that good copywriting is a critical key to marketing that converts browsers into buyers.
  • You're a service provider who wants to use copy that converts in your direct mail pieces, radio ads, brochures, etc.
  • You understand that the Ultimate Swipe File is a collection of prompts, templates and examples that you can customize and use in your marketing copy and that it is not a comprehensive book or manual on copywriting.

Maria Nadal

Virtual Assistant World

I love this Tamala! What a brilliant idea to put this together! I feel like my time and my money is saved already, seriously. Purchased it immediately!

Adriana Castaño

Exquisito y Rebelde

I got it And I love it! I have already used many of the lines and letters! I am not that creative when it comes to writing letters so this has been so helpful to me! Tamala Huntley is very creative! Thank you!

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Here's What's Inside Your Ultimate Swipe File:
  • 51 Pre-Headlines for Pages & Emails
  • 90 Conversion Focused Headlines
  • 465 Power Words & Phrases
  • 170 Transitions
  • check-circle
    21 Benefit Bullets
  • 49 Motivating Phrases for Urgency
  • 24 Price "Validations"
  • 51 Calls to Action
  • 41 Closings and Sign-Offs
  • 30 Postscripts/P.S.

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The Ultimate Swipe File of Words that Convert The Ultimate Swipe File of Words that Convert