[DETAILED CASE STUDY] How One Life and Business Coach Got 1500 New Client Leads in 29 Days + 537 Webinar Registrations In 10 Days

As service providers we know how vital lead generation is for our businesses. No leads mean no clients and no revenue.  Consistent lead generation is CRITICAL to keeping revenue coming in.

In order to thrive (get more coaching clients or sell more services or enroll more students) you need a repeatable way to get more clients… consistently… and bonus points if it’s SIMPLE.

Relying solely on referrals, word of mouth or free content marketing causes us to give up true control of our business growth and revenue.

Your business should be getting new leads daily. Consistent sales and profits start with consistent lead generation.

6 Pillars of SIMPLE Lead Generation Success

  • SIMPLIFY and be more effective. Simplicity is effective. Online marketing, sales funnels, and other automated processes don’t have to be complicated to get the leverage, audience, and sales you want.
  • INCENTIVIZE with compelling, attention-getting information… with INTEGRITY. No matter if it’s an article, social post, free download, live video, you must illuminate where your solution helps bring resolution and transformation. And you must do it in ways that keep you in integrity with who you are and how you choose to do business.
  • MONETIZE with amazing offers that feel good to your audience and yourself. Lead generation is incomplete without monetization.
  • PRIORITIZE your audience. Always come from a place of prioritizing your audience’s needs. In lead generation, you can do this even more when you focus on specific niches. As you build, you segment and your results multiply.
  • LEVERAGE your time, team, and investment by implementing and integrating automated processes and marketing wherever possible. Leverage doesn’t have to mean being impersonal. Every part of your business is an expression of YOU. Remember stay in INTEGRITY and your marketing won’t need to feel sleezy or impersonal.
  • ENGAGE consistently to support your new audience and community as they become happy clients. As you engage, you educate, enlighten, empathize, encourage & entertain from a place of authenticity.

You can read the full case study below and you can click here to download a PDF for future reference.

[CASE STUDY] How One Life & Business Coach Got 1500 Client Leads in 29 Days + 537 Webinar Registrants In 10 Days

This is a two-part case study that takes a closer look at a project completed for one of my amazing clients, Nicole Caillier, CEO & Founder of Divine Purpose School.

You can see Part 2 of the case study below.

Nicole is a teacher, coach, and mentor who teaches women how to uncover their purpose, discover their passion, and recover from whatever is holding them back.

Part 1 of our project entailed building a Lead Generation Funnel to get new client leads and sending traffic to that funnel with Facebook™ Ads.











Sign Up Page

Thank You Page

Intro Offer Sales Page

  • I also set up a follow-up email sequence to engage and invite new subscribers to purchase the Intro Offer.


Ad Creative #1

Ad Creative #2


  1. The ad copy “pre-framed” the audience so that by the time they clicked through to the sign up page, they were already eager to just subscribe and get the freebie.
  2. I started with 3 different audiences and gradually increased the daily budget on the winners:
    • Audience 1 was cold traffic based on targeted interests.
    • Audience 2 was cold traffic based on a lookalike audience created from Nicole’s current email list.
    • Audience 3 was warm traffic based on people who Liked and engaged with her Facebook™ Page, watched her videos and visited her website.
  3. I tested 2 different ad creatives (exact same ad copy) and eliminated the worst performer after a few days.

Part 2: How We Got 537 Webinar Registrations In 10 Days

This is Part 2 of our project which entailed using a Facebook™ Ad campaign to get virtual booties in the webinar seats and slightly tweaking the Lead Generation Funnel from Part 1 to bump up the registrations.











Sign Up Page

Thank You Page

  • Someone else on the team set up this webinar funnel and sent the follow-up emails. My role in this case was the ad campaign.


Ad Creative #1 (Long Copy)

Ad Creative #2 (Short Copy)

The short copy outperformed the long copy and after a few days I went with just the short copy version.

Nicole was very specific about the amount of money she wanted to invest in webinar ads so I set up the ads with that in mind, using a specific start and end date and set budget.

I left the campaign running all the way up until the webinar started to catch “day of” registrants.


Once we started the webinar ads, I updated the lead magnet thank you page to include a “Step 3” (see below), which was to register for the webinar.

I also edited the lead magnet delivery/confirmation email to include the same.

Since the lead generation campaign was still running, this boosted the webinar registrations very well… about 50% of those who registered for the webinar had also subscribed to get the freebie.

Edited Freebie Sign Up Page


The total number of people reached for all campaigns was 128,538. This skyrocketed Nicole’s visibility and engagement.

  • The Facebook™ Group increased by 337 members
  • The Facebook™ Page Likes increased by 626 directly attributed to ads w/ an additional 250+ just by engagement and inviting those who engaged with the ads to like the Page.

DPS Facebook Page Insights - 28 days

Working on this project was such fun and the results have been amazing.

I absolutely love helping my clients grow their businesses… they are willing to invest the time, energy and money necessary and the results speak for themselves.

Together we create digital assets that serve them long-term and give them a continuous return on their investment for years.

If you have an offer you want to put in front of more people but putting together the pieces and implementing the online marketing technology has you stuck, let us help! Choose an option below to get started:

[CASE STUDY] How I Got 537 Webinar Registrations In 10 Days[CASE STUDY] Part 2 - How This Life and Business Coach Got 537 Webinar Registrations In 10 Days[CASE STUDY] How I Got 1500 Subscribers In One Month + 537 Webinar Registrations In 10 Days for My Coaching Client. Learn how to attract, engage and convert your best clients.

Tamala….you are the business! I have enjoyed working with you on every aspect of this project. Your creativity, passion, and love for what you do shows up in every detail of your work. Thank you for your patience and really walking me through the process of planning and implementation of marketing and bringing my vision to life. You simplified the entire process and fed me knowledge strategically (kind of like a momma bird:) . I can’t wait for the next project!

Nicole Caillier