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Using My SIMPLE LeadGen Engine Framework, I'll Help You Build an Evergreen Income Stream that Systematically Attracts High-Quality Leads Who Become Dream Clients

Using My SIMPLE LeadGen Engine Framework, I'll Help You Build an Evergreen Income Stream that Systematically Attracts High-Quality Leads Who Become Dream Clients

(using online marketing that uplifts, inspires, and feels GOOD)

"I feel like I'm working too hard. I only make money when I'm hosting an event or speaking. I want to get sales without needing to be physically present."

Have you ever felt like this? I hear sentiments like this often when I do consultations with new clients.  

Over the years, I've come to understand that my clients don't really want to build funnels or run Facebook ads.

In fact, most of them could care less about taking courses and spending hours learning how to do either.

They, like you, want what the funnels and ads can GIVE them...

... income that gives them choices.

Choices in...


Choices are personal. We all want choices. We all want freedom... in whatever way it means to us.

How would your business + life change if you could consistently...

Reach more of your perfect audience with your message?

Have more qualified people coming to you?

Serve more dream clients? 

What if I helped you GIVE YOURSELF MORE CHOICES by working with you to Multiply Enrollments, Serve More Clients, and Elevate Your Impact in the world?

Well duh, Tamala! Yes, tell me how!

Glad you asked. *wink*

I can help you do all of those things by using my SIMPLE LeadGen Engine Framework to build an Evergreen Income Stream for your business.

Most entrepreneurs focus 99% of their energy on the front end of their business.

Things like posting on social media, having a nice logo, writing blog posts or doing podcasts...

But they don't give enough attention to their back end, which is the part of the business that keeps their pipeline full.

And just like a car, a business without an engine (or with an engine that has problems) doesn't work.

It takes a fully functioning engine to make the vehicle operate at peak performance.

My SIMPLE LeadGen Engine Framework has you covered.

It has everything you need done-for-you.



This is where we create your Evergreen Income Stream Blueprint. We get clear on everything including audience alignment, developing or refining your offer, message alignment, campaign economics, we'll do an audit of your current marketing assets and systems, we'll talk about beliefs and expectations and we'll make sure we infuse your campaign with S.O.U.L. at every step. (Every Evergreen Income Stream project starts here in Phase #1.)

This is where we switch things up a bit. Instead of jumping into building out full-blown, complex campaigns with tons of emails and pages, we take time to test out your offer until we know we have a winner. (If you already have a winning offer, we may be able to go directly to Phase #3.)

This is when we take our tested and proven offer and add automated follow up and traffic strategies to it in order to expand your reach and growth. 


Every business is different.

We don't do cookie-cutter, templated, one-size fits all marketing around here.

No fake scarcity...

No guilt tripping folks into buying...

No making people feel silly or stupid for not taking your amazing "no-brainer" deal...

My mission is to infuse YOU into every part of your Evergreen Income Stream.

To get folks to buy from you because they actually want to, not because they have FOMO or feel like a failure if they don't buy.

Novel idea right?

In our world, funnels done right, are simply conversation starters and relationship builders and they NEED to have S.O.U.L. (Sincerity, be Organic, Uniqueness, express your Love for your clients).

The SIMPLE LeadGen Engine Framework enables you to connect with your audience and engage with them in meaningful ways that leave them feeling empowered and wanting to take the next step with you.

So are you ready to take your business to the next level? To have greater impact and more choices?

I only take on a few private done-for-you clients each month.

I want to really serve my clients in a way that is personal and high-touch.

As a Supporter, I ENJOY the challenge, thrill and demand of OVER-delivering a service that helps others make an impact in the world.

If you're someone who loves to teach, online and off...

... or someone who loves creating courses and memberships...

... or even someone who loves coaching and serving others 1:1 and with group programs...

I'm here to support you by implementing automated sales systems that allow you to multiply your enrollments, serve more of your dream clients and elevate your impact in the world.

Want more info about what it would take to add an Evergreen Income Stream to your business?

Let us know and we'll send you all the deets:
- how the SLE Framework works
- how long each Phase takes
- the investment for each Phase
- what our client experience is like

Cheers to your success!