Legendary Projects – Strategic Project Management

You’ve got TONS of great ideas BUT…

Prioritizing & Executing Them Is Proving to Be One of Your Biggest Challenges

You need…

LEVERAGE Your Time, Team, and Our Expertise to Bring More of Your Vision to Life, Grow Your Mission Into a Movement, & Turn Your Ideas Into Money


  • Having tons of great ideas that become unfinished projects
  • Being the bottleneck on every project & never being able to get caught up
  • Everyday being hectic and chaotic
  • Being overwhelmed with all of things on your plate


  • Unplugging and taking time away without worrying about projects getting done
  • Time to focus solely on creating content and serving your clients while the projects run smoothly
  • Increasing your revenue and working less with improved capacity from more streamlined fulfillment
  • Regaining time, confidence, and energy to concentrate more on being the visionary CEO that you are
  • Getting UNstuck from the minutiae of project planning & management
  • More freedom, more impact, more income

What Does Working With Us Look Like?


During PHASE 1, we set the stage for what’s to come. All of the work we do with our clients begins here. We assess needs, define project scope, and create your custom Legendary LeverageTM Project Blueprint.


In PHASE 2 we take your custom Blueprint created in PHASE 1 and bring it to life as each task is implemented according to plan.

You also have the option of implementing the Blueprint yourself with your team.


During PHASE 3 we’ll do a post-project debrief, document lessons learned, review data + metrics to measure results, and reset the project in your PM tool to give you a clean project plan for reuse.

The Legendary LeverageTM Framework

We believe that at the base of any business, setting the strongest foundation, are your mission, vision, and core values.

They drive the direction of the business and help establish your strategic objectives, which are all about prioritizing the areas of focus in the business.

From these objectives flow your goals, projects, and tasks which drive the business’ revenue, create the impact in the world you want to have, accomplish the mission, and achieve the vision without sacrificing your core values.

Said another way…

We can take the same pyramid and flip it such that everything flows from broad to narrow.

We filter everything through your mission, vision, values, and strategic objectives which ensures every aspect of each project is aligned with where you want to go and grow (ex: making sure tools and systems can grow with you).

When you work with us, you get a strategic partner. Someone who understands strategic planning, knows how to make sure your marketing strategy & operations strategy “play nicely” together, and can help you prioritize your strategic objectives and make sure everything we do is fully aligned with them.

Is Legendary LeverageTM right for you?

You’ve Met Your Perfect Match If…

You have an established business with validated offers that sell

You market, sell, and deliver your services, programs, or courses online

You’re in the growth or scaling stage of business & want to improve your backend operations

You’re ready to offload project planning and management

You have a team of 2-5 people to implement your projects (i.e. Tech VA, Graphic Designer)

You’re open to suggestions or ideas that may be new or unfamiliar

Happy Clients

She knows her stuff inside out.

Tamala has been a dream to work with. She’s gone way beyond my expectations. Not only is she excellent at the technical end, she offers amazing customer service. She knows her stuff inside out. I am so happy she was recommended to me.

Nancy Troske  //  Jewelry Maker & Online Entrepreneur

Can help you achieve your vision!

Tamala was a pleasure and a pro to work with — the perfect combination! The highlight of In a sea of search results, I was happy to find a real person, and EXACTLY who I was looking for: a professional business person, ultra organized yet incredibly personable (you’ll love her), AND extremely knowledgeable. I had a vision for my business, but had no idea how to create all my infrastructure. Tamala is knowledgeable, personable, and professional, and can help you achieve your vision!

Mary Stride  //  Dancer & Online Entrepreneur

Our consultation was a pivotal point in my business!

Before working with Tamala, I had become frustrated in my business and had considered closing up shop.

Our consultation was a pivotal point in my business!

She is extremely knowledgeable in developing all aspects of an online strategy to help you create the business of your dreams.

Nicole Graves  //  Health Coach

What Would Life Be Like If the Ideas in Your Head Became Projects that Actually Got Done?

Partner with someone who can help you pull ideas and things from your head so they get done

Gain traction on projects you’ve been putting off month after month and recover lost time and potential revenue

Eliminate overwhelm by offloading some of the things on your plate w/o also having to manage or oversee them

Have your big vision prioritized into strategic objectives and translated into actionable project plans & tasks

Increase your team’s efficiency and productivity w/o burning out from the day-to-day management

Launch your new program, course, membership without YOU having to plan or manage it


What types of projects do you plan and manage?

If you have a project you’d like help with that’s not listed below please contact us and we’ll let you know if it’s in our wheelhouse.

– Group Program Launch
– Book Launch
– Website Launch/Re-Launch
– Affiliate Program Launch
– Membership Launch
– Subscriber Re-engagement
– Program Re-enrollment Launch
– Podcast Launch
– Client Testimonial
– Blog Launch
– YouTube Channel Launch
– Course Launch
– Virtual Enrollment/Launch Events ( Challenge, Webinar, Workshop, Masterclass)

Our ideal program, course, or membership launch clients are those who are RElaunching or REenrolling and have launched at least once and validated the offer through actual sales. IF you are a first-time launcher we may be able to partner with you, however we require that you be VERY clear on your audience, messaging, branding, and offer.

(launch projects require 8-12 weeks minimum, without exception)

What if I don’t have a team, will you implement my projects?

Launch projects typically require implementation of marketing tasks, which we do not offer (i.e. building funnels, scheduling emails, designing graphics, etc.). For these tasks, you’ll need to have your own team members in place. If you don’t have a team and are ready to start building one, we have amazing referral partners that we work with for hiring projects to help you source, hire, and onboard the right team member(s).

What if I have multiple projects?

If you have multiple projects we can discuss getting them all completed and plan them out over a specified time period.

What if I have a tight timeline and just want to launch my program FAST?

At this time, we do have a required minimum of at least 8 weeks for launches.

Will you create the marketing plan for my project/launch?

While we won’t develop your entire marketing strategy or marketing plan for you, we do provide insight and consulting (based on our 20+ years in the online business space) on what we see working in today’s online landscape and what has been working with our clients, and we’ll help you create synergy and coherence between your front-end marketing strategy, back-end operations strategy, and the project(s) you’re looking to implement while remaining true to your mission, vision, and core values. Project plans are custom-fit to you, not cookie-cutter replicas of what “everyone” else is doing.

20+ years helping visionaries achieve…

Less Overwhelm + More FLOW

Hey there, I’m Tamala. I’ve been supporting entrepreneurs in the online space since 1998, when dinosaurs still roamed the internet and AOL still proudly announced “You’ve got mail!”.

For over 20 years I’ve been helping visionaries turn their ideas into assets.

As an implementer, I worked in just about every aspect of online business there is… from custom WordPress website design & development to funnel building and Facebook™ ads, I’ve done it all.

It’s given me a unique ability to understand online business from high-level to all the details in between.

Little did I know, over the years, I was slowly progressing toward the pinnacle of my career in the online space… Director of Operations.

After gradually moving into this role with my clients, I officially became a Certified Director of Operations through Natalie Gingrich’s Ops Authority In October 2021. It was like I’d finally arrived home. I also accepted a role as Project Management Expert Coach for other cohorts of the certification program.

The way my brain works is a gift.

One of my favorite things to do is take a CEO’s vision and ideas and distill them into something tangible.

I LIVE for details. My mind constantly looks for “steps”. I speak “Checklist”. 😆

I didn’t just decide one day to think or be this way. It’s just how I’ve always been. It’s one of my gifts.

This gift has helped give life to ideas that have generated millions of dollars in revenue for my clients’ businesses.

Legendary LeverageTM is my gift in action.