[DETAILED CASE STUDY] How One Coach Got 1500 New Client Leads in 29 Days and 537 Webinar Registrations in 10 Days


How One Coach Got

1500 New Client Leads in

29 Days + 537 Webinar Registrants in 10 Days

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  • A detailed, 2-Part Case Study showing lead generation campaign and webinar registration campaign results
  • How we used paid advertising to reach thousands of potential leads and clients with a simple strategy
  • See the exact campaigns we used for both lead generation and webinar registration promotions  
  • See the one small change we made that yielded BIG results for our webinar registration campaign 

Tamala M. Huntley

Founder, Simple Life Digital

I’m a former Electrical Engineer who happened to fall in love with all things Internet Business related back when dinosaurs still roamed the Internet and AOL so proudly announced “you’ve got mail”.  :)

I help service providers and solopreneurs, like you, put all of your online marketing technology pieces together so that your vision and ideas transform from just dreams and goals into tangible pathways to revenue for your business.

Together we create real, income-generating digital assets like sales pages, email signup pages, membership sites, email sequences, marketing funnels, and more.

I'll help you implement your ideas and integrate your tools and gifts out into the world with EASE and SIMPLICITY so you can spend less time stressing over getting your marketing done and spend more time serving your clients.