About Us

Hey there, Awesome Human!

I’m Tamala Huntley, founder of Simple Life Digital.

Please consider this the rolling out ​of our virtual welcome mat to you! I’m glad you’re here in ​my digital Geekdom.

Now at this point, I had this cool rundown of how I started in business 20+ years ago and how I ended up opening this agency.

I deleted it because honestly, instead of just using this page to talk about me, I’d rather let you know that I genuinely care about you… who you are and what you want for your life and business.

As a service provider myself, I understand how it feels to run a business serving clients.

I understand craving SIMPLICITY (so much so that it’s one of my core values in business and life — my agency name is proof of that *smile*).

I know firsthand many of the things you face trying to do alllll of the things in your business because you have an insatiable desire to grow… to succeed… to create more freedom and choices for yourself and your family.

Here’s the thing…

In order to grow (a.k.a. scale) you have to reach new people everyday. You probably already know this.

Well, one of the best ways I know to reach new people and get new ideal leads and dream clients everyday is to use automated marketing processes to extend your reach and leverage your time.

So, are you a service provider who cares about your clients, has a mission to serve with integrity, are clear on the results you get, and are clear about your core values and messaging?

I can help you move past the online marketing “tech stuff” that you need to do in order to grow your business in ways that build trust, inspire, and uplift vs. ways that shame, coerce, and persuade by any means necessary.

More than anything, I sincerely care about helping you get the results you desire.

You can check out the feedback from some of our amazing clients here.

Cheers to your success!