Hey there, I’m Tamala!

Hey there, I’m Tamala!

Please consider this the rolling out of our virtual welcome mat to you!

As a service provider myself, I understand how it feels to run a business serving clients.

I understand craving SIMPLICITY (so much so that it’s one of my core values in business and life — my company name is proof of that *smile*).

I know firsthand many of the things you face trying to do alllll of the things in your business because you have an insatiable desire to grow… to succeed… to create more freedom and choices for yourself and your family.

There’s a reason my company is called Simple Life Digital… we can accomplish AMAZING things when we choose simplicity AND, we get to do business our way and have a LIFE.

I’m a highly sensitive empath (and Supporter) who loves working behind the scenes with CEOs who have big missions and are purpose-driven. I have to feel like I’m a part of something impactful.

I believe it’s my “Work” and it’s a huge part of my fulfillment and contribution to creating a better world (sounds so woo, LOL but it’s true).

The butterfly 🦋 effect that takes place when I help my clients help their clients keeps me in constant awe and gratitude. I believe it’s a part of my earthly legacy.

I specialize in helping visionary CEOs who offer online coaching, consulting, and education escape chaos + overwhelm, create more freedom, make more revenue + profits, and build credibility with legendary client experiences.

As your strategic partner, I’ll use my Legendary Leverage Framework to help you prioritize and focus on the right business objectives and integrate operational efficiencies that are streamlined, systematized, and seamlessly automated. These processes and workflows will help create unforgettable client experiences (from pre-onboarding to offboarding) which naturally bring greater results, income, and IMPACT (????).

You’ll have more peace of mind while your clients rave about their experience with you and recommend you to everyone they know.

You’ll regain time, confidence, and energy with fine-tuned business operations that leverage time, build trust, and create an experience that inspires your clients while making them feel seen, heard, and understood.

More than anything, I sincerely care about helping you get the results in your business that you desire to have.

– Tamala Huntley, CEO

Our Mission

At Simple Life Digital, we partner with visionary CEOs who offer coaching, consulting, and online education services and use our Legendary Leverage Framework to provide strategic business insight and integrate streamlined operational efficiencies that allow them to eliminate chaos and overwhelm, create more freedom, make more revenue & profits, and build credibility by delivering Legendary Client Experiences. We help them give life to their vision and turn their ideas into profitable digital assets so that they can fulfill their big mission with more ease, income, and impact.

Our Core Values

Simplicity (complicated is not required for success)

Impact (doing our part in creating a kind and just global society and serving humanity)

Measurable (data-driven decisions that lead to desired results)

Profitable (whatever we do should be profitable to us & those we serve — tangibles and intangibles, business and life)

Leverage (time, systems, other people’s experience)

Excellence (is a habit & is the standard in all we do — keeping our word, honesty, understanding that details matter)

Advocate (INFJ-T) / Kolbe 8-8-1-3